GatorRimZ Honda CRF110 CRF XR 70 80 100 110 12″ Front and Rear Rim and Spoke Kits


The perfect size rims to fit your Honda CRF110 with roadracing tires, 12″ x 2.15″ front, 12″ x 2.50″ rear.    Since we are out of the black 2.15″ wide rims,  you can run the 12″ x 2.50″ on both front and rear with the 100/90-12 front tire and 120/80-12 rear tire.  Call Kevin at 225-315-3423 if you have questions about that set up.

More rim inventory expected November, 2022!



Honda CRF110 front rear specific rim and spoke kits made to the correct width for road racing tires with custom spoke kit by Buchanan’s Spoke and Rim, Inc:

This kit includes:
-12″ x 2.50″ aluminum rim with 36 holes, black, silver, gold or red
-12″ x 2.50″ aluminum rim with 36 holes, black, silver, gold or red

-Buchanan’s stainless steel spokes and nipples with oil included, 10 gauge or 9 gauge. The 9 gauge are the larger spokes. Visually, it is hard to see the difference. We added the 10 gauge for ease of building and our builder prefers them.

This kit requires use of your own hubs.  Hubs not included.  We offer a spoking and truing service with your hub for $150. Please call us to set it up. Free Shipping!

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 9 in
Spoke size

10 gauge, 9 gauge (larger)

Rim Color

Black, Silver, Red, Gold

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