GatorRimZ Yamaha TTR125L Front and Rear 17″ x 2.50″ “SMOOTHY” Rim and Spoke Kits


Yamaha TTR125L front and rear  17″ by 2.50″ rims and Buchanan’s stainless steel spoke kit.


1 in stock (can be backordered)


Yamaha TTR125L specific smoothy rim and spoke kit made to 2.50″ wide, 17″ diameter rims for both  front and  hubs.

This kit includes:

         -(2) 17″ x 2.50″ aluminum undimpled rim with 36 holes, black

         -Buchanan’s stainless steel unpolished 36 spokes and nipples with oil included, 36                    spoke each for front and rear smoothy rims. 

This set is priced $15 less than the dimpled rim set as it is our last one.

This kit requires use of your own hubs.  Hubs not included.  We offer a spoking and truing service with your hub for $150 for the set.  We can also order the OEM hubs for you and sell this set as built wheels. Please call Kevin at (225) 315-3423 to set it up.

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