Mitas MC50 Racing Soft 100/80-17, 130/70-17 tire SET


Sava/Mitas MC50 Racing soft compound tires for your mini motard. CYBER MONDAY ONE DAY SALE!!


3 in stock (can be backordered)


This is a set of high performance DOT legal 17 inch tire for your mini GP road race bike. Savas/Mitas are made in Slovenia and are soft and sticky. Perfect for when it’s hot, cold or when you just need a little more stick than the medium compound.

Sava/Mitas is the spec tire for over a dozen European race series so feel confident of their quality.

These tires are for super minis and 85cc 2-strokes. They fit on a 2.50″ to 2.75″ by 17″ front rim and a 3.50″ by 17″ rear rim.

Mitas Tires bought Sava and they are slowly rebranding everything to Mitas. So, the last shipment of these tires we got were Sava fronts and Mitas rears. That is what you will get.

Free shipping on the pair! CYBER MONDAY ONE DAY SALE!! 17″ TIRES ARE 12″ PRICES!!!

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