Set of Mitas premium tubes for your 12″ tires with 90 degree angle valve


Set of Mitas premium tubes for 12″ tires with a 90 degree valve stem for easy and quick tire pressure adjustments.

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These tubes have never let us down!  Super strong Mitas tubes with a ninety degree angle on the valve for quick adjustments in pressure at the track just what you need for your new premium 12″ Mitas tires set.  The front tube size is 2.50/3.00-12, rear 4.00/4.50-12.   This set of tubes fits the following tire sizes:

Front: 100/90-12

Rear: 120/70-12, 130/70-12, 140/70-12; 120/80-12, 130/80-12, 140/80-12, 110/90-12, 130/60-13, 140/60-13


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