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K and J Racing Solutions is the result of many years of racing, experimenting and having fun at the track! It is actually the next chapter in our quest to draw more people to roadracing by making it more affordable that started with our business,; a Ninja 250 rental and parts business.

When our eldest son Kevin began racing in the CMRA Jr. Motard class, there was no way to fit the proper tires and rims for his KLX 110. After many fruitless searches on the internet and elsewhere, there were none to be found. After months of back and forth work with our rim maker, GatorRimZ were developed. We then partnered with Buchanan's Rim and Spoke to provide the racer with a high quality, more affordable way to get the full use of their tires. We also began importing Sava's high quality 12" racing tires, which has led to the discovering of their extensive line of scooter and motorcycle tires.

The arrival of GatorSkinZ completed the trifecta (for now) of great quality, inexpensive racing products to get you and your kids out on the track. We love big bikes, but minis (110s and KX 65s) and superminis (CFR150s, DRZ 125s, etc) are a great way to have fun while training. I have used them as training tools for years, but now that my children are getting faster, I am enjoying riding with them at their own bike speed and size. Plus

the rims and tires look Phat and Sweet! See you at the track...Kevin" Take advantage of my decades in the business and find the right products for your bike through us. These are some of the companies that we road race with and would like to see them on your bike. This is only a partial list and we can provide you with a solution to almost any bike part problem. We sell at the lowest markup because of our low overhead and location. Please use these links to research your part number and take a look at the price. We will usually save you about 20%, saving you more so you can ride more!-Kevin

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