Yamaha TTR125L 16″ x 1.60″ Front Spoked Wheel with OEM HUB


TTR125L 16″ diameter, 1.60″ wide chrome rim spoked wheel with OEM hub. 



Don’t feel like disassembling your wheel to build a new one to your own hub?  This wheel is built and ready to go!

TTR125L front wheel is built with the following parts:

Yamaha 94416-16803-00 (1.60″ x 16″)  TTR125L  rim chrome rim 

Yamaha  TTR125  Part #1B2-F511110-35 front hub

All Balls front bearing kit 25-1041

Front spacer 90560-12257

Buchanan’s Spoke and Rim stainless steel spokes and nipples

If you would like to send us your hub, we can build this wheel to your hub for $270.  Just give us a call to set it up!  Call Kevin at (225) 315-3423.

If the inventory shows that we are out, this wheel can be built quickly.  If you have a race coming up, give us a call and we will make sure all of the parts are in stock.