Mitas 110/70-12 and 130/70-12 62TP MC34 TL Racing scooter / mini / GROM tire SUPER SOFT SET

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Mitas  MC34 110/70-12 and 130/70-12 Super Soft compound racing tire.

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This is a high performance set of DOT legal 12 inch tires for your mini roadrace bike or high performance scooter.  Excellent grip and stability irrespective of riding style.  This tire is made for extreme cornering and provides the highest level of safety.   They are made in Slovenia.  Perfect for when it’s cold or when you just need a little more stick than the soft compound.  The front tire weighs 6.2 pounds and the rear 8.2 pounds.

Mitas is the spec tire for over a dozen European race series so feel confident of their quality.  Check out our other  for more 12 inch tire compounds!

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