Mitas Mini / Scooter MC35 2.0 100/90-12, 120/80-12 Racer Racing / Street tire – Singles

Earn up to 143 Gator Bucks.$82.00$143.00

Mitas MC35 2.0 racing tire. Choose from medium, soft or super soft race tires or hard street tires.  Heats up FASTER than a slick due to the sipes. 


Heats up FASTER than a slick due to the sipes.   

Owner’s note:

“We never use tire warmers with these, but they would prolong the life of the tires. Our kids always had all of the stick that they needed with medium compound.”

This is a high performance DOT legal 12 inch tire set for your mini roadrace bike or high performance scooter.   All MC35 tires in this listing are race tires with the exception of the Hard/Normal/Street.  Made in Slovenia with great stick!

This tire is great when the track is hot, cold or when you just want the most stick .  Mitas is the spec tire for over a dozen European race series, so you can feel confident of their quality.

FYI- 120/80-12 rear tires weight 8.1 pounds.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 in

100/90-12, 120/80-12


Medium, Soft, Super Soft, Normal (Hard, Street)

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