Mitas Sportforce + 110/70ZR17, 140/70ZR17 and 150/60ZR17 SOFT Race / Track Day Tires DOT

Earn up to 375 Gator Bucks.$160.00$375.00

Sportforce + Racing Soft

This DOT tire is our choice for riders that need excellent handling.


For the serious rider looking to test their limits on the track. 
SPORT FORCE+ RS features a specially developed Racing Soft (RS) compound for exceptional grip at extreme lean angles and superb straight-line stability at high speeds. Enjoy total control over the motorcycle with amazing feedback and feel thanks to the special construction of SPORT FORCE+ RS.

SPORT FORCE+ RS was tested with the support of Randy Krummenacher and delivers comparable lap times to best-in-class competitors.
For best results, Mitas recommends using tire warmers for at least 50 min at 80°C  (176 degrees fahrenheit) and  follow their hot and cold pressure guidelines until you find the best pressure combination for your motorcycle, track conditions and riding style.

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110/70-17 and 140/70-17 SET, 110/70ZR17 and 150/60ZR17 SET, 110/70ZR17, 140/70ZR17, 150/70ZR17

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