GatorRimZ KX65 Front and Rear Rim and Spoke Kit 12″ x 2.15″ and 12″ x 2.50″


The perfect size rims to fit your KX65 with roadracing tires, 12  x 2.15″ front and 12 x 2.50″ rear.

9 in stock (can be backordered)


Kawasaki KX65 front and rear specific rim and spoke kits made to the correct width for road racing tires with custom spoke kits by Buchanan’s Spoke and Rim, Inc:

This kit includes:

-12 x 2.15″ aluminum rim with 28 holes, black

-12 x 2.50″ aluminum rim with 28 holes, black

-Buchanan’s stainless steel spokes and nipples with oil included

This kit requires use of your own hubs.  Hubs not included.  Free Shipping!

NOTE: The hub holes for the rear need to be clearanced with a 3.8 or 4 millimeter drill bit.

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