Soft 350-10 MC35 10-8-2015 1-21-00 PM 2448×3264
Soft 350-10 MC35 10-8-2015 1-21-00 PM 2448×3264Soft 350-10 MC35 2 10-8-2015 1-21-19 PM 3264×2448

Mitas 3.50-10 51P SOFT MC35 2.0 S-Racer scooter mini race tire


Sava 3.50-10 Soft compound racing tire that replaces Sava MC31.

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Product Description

This is a high performance DOT legal 10 inch tire for your mini roadrace bike or high performance scooter. They are made in Slovenia and are soft and sticky.  Perfect for when it’s cold or when you just need a little more stick than the medium compound.

These tires are the replacement for the Sava MC31s. They have an improved carcass and softer compound, so if you bought a soft in the past, you might want to consider a medium compound in this tire.

Mitas/Sava is the spec tire for over a dozen European race series so feel confident of their quality.

Our tires are stored in a climate controlled environment.  Check out our other listings for other 10 inch tire compounds!



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